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SST: The Clubman

My awesome 12 year old son snapped this photo on Monday after we brought my new car home.

I thought this was such a fun angle. He did good, no?


It’s Sweet Shot Tuesday.

Check it.

I’ve been pondering my feelings towards blogging for quite some time now. It’s become a serious love/hate thing for me recently. I do fully intend to come back to blogging, mostly because I have a purpose for doing so, however, I feel that I owe it to you to let you in on a little truth about me.


I do not, and will not blog for a sense of community. I know that is what so many of you blog for, and that’s great. Truly. But that’s not why I’m here. I get the “community” and interaction I seek via twitter and Facebook… not my blog. And I know I will pay dearly for saying this, but I’m not interested in being part of a blog community. Hear me out. I’m talking about having a circle of friends where we all diligently read one another’s blog daily because we feel required to in order to maintain our status inside said bloggy click, and in turn make others feel obligated to do the same for us.

Quite frankly, I’ve had it up to here {holding hand above my head} with bloggers being wonderfully friendly, encouraging, and sociable as long as you frequent their blog and comment regularly. But the moment you cease giving them the attention they somehow believe they deserve from you, you are dropped like a bad habit. And it doesn’t even matter why you aren’t reading their blog! They immediately take it as a personal insult and commence to ignore you on every social platform known to mankind.

I’ve had this happen on many occasions over the last year and a half. What these ladies do not seem to understand is that I simply do not have the time to read blog after blog every day simply to stimulate someone’s sense of personal accomplishment or whatever it’s about. I honestly don’t get it. I really couldn’t care less if no one comments on my blog. My self-worth is not attached to that. And yours shouldn’t be either.  In fact, I’m seriously considering disabling all comments when I return to blogging. I don’t want that “I commented on your blog, so you must return the favor if you’re a decent person” mentality looming over my head, and my blog.

Listen… if I spend a morning or afternoon reading blogs and commenting on them, but my house is a mess when my husband comes home from work, or I have neglected my children to do so, then I have failed. Miserably. I will read a blog here and there when I have a free moment, but I’m not going to set aside precious time to do it. I have too much on my plate. And I’m not going to read a blog and comment simply for the sake of doing so.

If I take time to read a post it’s only because it is relevant to me in some way, shows me how to do something, or answers a question. I’m sorry. But I will not read blogs out of a sense of duty. Even if I love you as a personal friend. But guess what! I don’t want you doing that either. I will like you whether you read my blog or not. Plain and simple.

I will continue blogging… for a cause and with a purpose. But understand this – I will not be blogging to please you. I won’t even be blogging for me. I will be blogging for whatever random person happens upon my blog because it has something relevant to what they are searching for. Could be a bit of random information, or maybe some creative inspiration to ignite something within them. I don’t know. And I have a greater cause that will be announced soon. But I don’t want you to feel obligated to come by and read every. single. post. because, quite honestly, I’m not going to do that for you either. So you are off the hook here! If you don’t hate my guts by now, then I invite you to visit when something snags your interest… but only then. I don’t want you wasting your precious time reading something that has no meaning to you, as I’m certainly not willing to do that either.

If you happened to catch me during one of my short-lived blog reading seasons, and had the experience of me reading your blog on a somewhat regular basis and then suddenly stop… please know it is not about you or your blog. I didn’t stop reading your blog because I don’t like you or it. I probably stopped reading your blog because I like my family more. I already have a very hard time balancing everything I need and want to do in one day. When I try to add an extra hour of blog reading to that, I don’t seem to get the important tasks done. I don’t know why it makes such a huge difference in my day, but it does. And it causes me to have one heckofa headache to boot. What I’m trying to say is, if I hurt your feelings, I am truly sorry – it was not intentional. And if you are one of those people that will only like me if I visit and comment on your blog regularly… well, I think we are done here because I probably wont give you that.

I don’t view blogging as a popularity contest. Sure, I’d like to have some sweet, faithful friends online, but this is not my purpose for blogging. So, if you are willing to accept me as I am, then let us hook up on twitter or facebook where we can have some real interaction… with minimal damage to our schedules and To-Do Lists.

I think I’m being realistic. You may view this as narcissistic. But whatever it is, it is also 100% honesty and 100% ME. Take it or leave it. Totally up to you. I’m starting over with this blog thing. I’ve made it clear what you can expect. Stick around or run away. The choice is yours and I won’t even hate you.


I’m taking a break from blogging right now.

Be back in a while.



First of all, the winner of the $25 shop credit to UniquelyEJewelry is…

Alli Tsao


I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with blogging. I do feel it is important to the growth and success of Wired Whimsy that I maintain an active blogging life, however, right now I’m struggling to find the time to have that give/take relationship with my truffles.

So I will be taking a break from blogging until I can find better direction, balance, and purpose for this blog. I do not plan on being gone very long, and it’s entirely possible I will post minor updates from time to time… maybe.

I do love you and hope to continue connecting with you on twitter or facebook until my bloggy return!

Be Blessed.

I’m NOT a photographer.

I usually have to take 100+ pics just to come out with 1 decent shot.

However, I LOVE pictures, and get a thrill when I mistakenly take a decent one. I’ve been wanting to join the Sweet Shot Tuesday fun over at Life With My 3 Boybarians, but my lack of talent, as well as my forgetfulness, has kept me from doing so thus far.

Well, since I just so happen to be giving away a lovely sterling silver heart set over there today, I thought I should probably take the leap and share a picture!

So here it is…

taken on vacation… while walking, no less.

I Shall Bloom Even in the Dark Places.

You really should head over to Life With My 3 Boybarians and take a look at all the SWEET SHOTS!

Or maybe add one of your own…

My bad.

The winner of last week’s Fresh Faces Friday Giveaway is Anne Givens… also known as #33!

Really, she is. Her mom called her that as a child.


Yes, I am back from vacation in the physical sense, however, my brain was left somewhere along Route 66. I thought I could make do (due?) without it, but apparently not. Who knew?

Anywhooo, I’ve got much ado about much to do over here. Wired Whimsy has been given some very exciting opportunities, and I’m trying to work out all the details while pretending to know what the harp player I’m doing over here. Hopefully no one will catch on…

I’ll let you dahling truffles in on the juicy news once everything is finalized.

In the mean time, don’t forget to enter to win $25 store credit to UniquelyEJewelry! Great stuff, folks. Not many entries yet and the giveaway will be closing soon. Seems y’all are pooped out on giveaways. Well, good news is my feature/giveaway for this Friday has gone off on vacation and forgotten about me, so…

What can ya do?

That’s a rhetorical question, btw. Please don’t leave me comments saying you do windows or I’ll be forced to hunt you down with my mad hound dog sniffing skills.