I am excited to introduce you to some of my Etsy competition.

Yeah, you read that right. {wink}

I’m nothing if not honest, so I really must confess that this girl over at UniquelyE has got it goin’ on!

I do not recall what part of the virtual universe brought us together, but I’m SO glad it did. Erika from UniquelyE (E is for Erika. F is for fabulousness) is such a doll. If you browse her shop, you will find a picture or two of her rockin’ her creations, and you’ll see that she is also a tad gorgeous, too.

Gorgeous. Talented. Do I have to be friends with her?

Just teasing.

Have a look see at some of this talent, yes?


3 glorious strands of Czech glass beads. Need I say more?


These super long chandelier earrings would honestly look stunning with anything; your fave jeans and silk scarf, a romantic evening gown, a swimsuit and Prada shades, your most beloved bathrobe….


Take a look at this little marvel of miraculous patience. Simply fab!


Okay, so I’ve kept Erika to myself long enough. Now I must share.

I’m a stay at home mom of a 3 year old little boy named Lucas. He keeps me on my toes and gives me so much purpose in life. I’ve been trying to organize my daily routine in order to enable me to be more creative when I feel inclined, and be the best mom I can be. When I am better about using my time appropriately I’m so much more inclined to be creative, happy, and efficient! (If you see me on twitter all day long please yell at me to get some work done!)

I’ve had an Etsy shop for 2 years but only started dedicating serious attention to it over the last 8 months. I’m so excited to see growth where I have put significant effort. I’ve joined some Etsy teams lately, the Labrats Team (woot woot) and a new treasury team (name soon to be announced), and I am so inspired and blessed by the little community I’m privileged to be a small part of.

Jewelry is a creative outlet for me that I find a lot of happiness in. I’m a left brain person and I struggle with having way, and I mean WAY, too many creative projects going at one time. But my jewelry gives me a direction and allows me to focus a little bit more. I live for the thrill of that “congratulations on you sale with Etsy” email!

Being part of this Etsy community really sparks my creativity. Often times I’m inspired by the most random things around me. My husband laughs (and often grimaces) at my napkins, receipts, and scratch paper doodles all over the floor of the car and bottom of my purse. When inspiration strikes I make hideous chicken scratches on paper to keep the idea from slipping into oblivion- sometimes I can come back to my own scribbles and make something out of it….. sometimes.

I love the community that buying handmade creates. Before Etsy, I never realized what a blessing it is to support people, not corporations. I’m amazed at the talent that can be found on Etsy and throughout the indie handmade market. I love knowing I am a small part of such a huge movement that is really taking root, I would truly love to see a mentality shift in society where handmade becomes much more the norm!


Don’t you just wanna sit somewhere and sip coffee with her? I do.

But before we all get sidetracked with the mention of coffee (yes, I know my truffles!), I want to show you two more of my fave UniquelyE creations.

This cocktail ring is too perfect for words. It’s like the 1st ring in history that would look perfect paired with any color on the planet. Seriously, I tried to think of a color that would clash… I couldn’t do it.


This Peach Sorbet bracelet is SO unique(lyE). LOVE-LOVE IT!


And, YES, I did mention a giveaway!

Erika is offering a $25.00 shop credit to be used at UniquelyE!

Have I mentioned the 20+ pieces of fabulousness Erika has on sale right now!? Oh my….

The Giveaway Skinny

Entry 1. Visit UniquelyEJewelry and then tell me what item you’d like to add to your jewelry box.

Entry 2. Heart UniquelyEJewelry on Etsy. So you can find it again later!

Entry 3. Follow Erika on Twitter.

Entry 4. Give this giveaway a shout out on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry!

Giveaway will close on Thursday at 8pm PST.


Love & Hugs to You!



No, I am not dead or dying.

I am on vacation with my family right now.

Amidst the chaos of preparing to leave, I totally forgot to announce the Visibility winner… oops.

The winner of one of Visibility’s small wall signs was Veronica Whitley. I’ve actually already been in contact with her, but wanted to let you all know in case you were wondering.

There is still time to enter the Bellasbowtique2008 giveaway if you haven’t already!

Even though I will be on vacation until Sunday, I still have a most awesome giveaway in store for this Friday’s Fresh Faces, so you don’t want to miss that.

I’m looking forward to coming home and getting to work. Wired Whimsy has lots of new supplies waiting for her when she gets home. Can’t wait! I’ve got some exciting things in the works, and can’t wait to share them with you truffles!

Gotta go rest my head. We are off to the horse races tomorrow! Must teach the kids firsthand the dangers of gambling… yeah, that’s it….


It’s Friday again which means it’s time for…

Today I’d like to introduce you to Bellasbowtique2008.

In this darling shop you will find all kinds of FABtastic accessories for your little truffle. There are hundreds of adorable headbands to delight any little girl…  as well as hair clips, beanies, and bows galore! Each one made with all the love and care you’d expect from a mother.


I LOVE this headband!

Pink n' Cream Sherbet


And would you just look at this!

Pink Toffee

I’m not sure which is more precious – this amazing flower headband clad in sequins, or the bundle of love wearing it…


Is your little truffle more of a bow kinda gal?

Bellasbowtique2008 has you covered!

Pure White Bow


Let’s meet Kristie, the mother/creator behind these bits of fabulousness.

I am a SAHM to a beautiful baby girl named Isabella. I also have a 2nd grader named Kaleigh. Both of my girls are my inspirations for the items you will find in my shop.

I started making headbands just for my baby Bella to wear around town. After MANY “ooo’s” and “aww’s” I decided to start making them to sell to other little princesses.

I started off slow and did some craft fairs here and there. After many months, my business slowly started to take off, and I never imagined I’d be where I am now!

I have now ventured into beanies, tutus, clippies….and always looking for more things to intrigue my creativity!

A lot of my items are OOAK (One Of A Kind) – as I sometimes won’t make the same item more than once!


Would you like to see some of Kristie’s other creations?

How about this Posh Princess Beanie?



Maybe the occasion calls for just a simple flower clip…

Peaches n' Cream


Or crown your princess with a most fabulous hair bow clip such as this…

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries


As you can clearly see, Bellasbowtique2008 has that perfect something to complete any outfit!

And Kristie is offering a $15.00 shop credit to one of YOU!

The Giveaway Skinny

Entry 1. Visit Bellasbowtique2008 and then tell me what item you’d like for your little truffle.

Entry 2. Heart Bellasbowtique2008 on Etsy. So you can find it again later!

Entry 3. Follow Kristie on Twitter.

Entry 4. Become a  fan on Facebook.

Entry 5. Give this giveaway a shout out on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry!

Giveaway will close on Thursday at 8pm PST.


Love & Hugs to You!

UPDATE: The official voting is now closed. You can still vote for fun if you like! 😉 The winning name is NOVA submitted by Sandy!

Remember when I asked you truffles for name ideas for this little beauty?

Well, I kinda liked them all. So I’ve selected one name submitted from each person to put to a vote.

And just to spice it up a tad – whoever submitted the winning name will receive one of these rings as a prize!

A repost of some summer perfection!

Beat the heat this summer with some of these fab drinks!



1 can grapefruit sections                    2 C. water

1 C. granulated sugar                          4-6 C. ginger ale

juice from 1 lemon

Drain the juice from the grapefruit sections into a small bowl. In a larger bowl, beat the grapefruit with the sugar. Add the drained grapefruit juice, water, and lemon juice; mix until well-blended. Freeze. When ready to serve, scoop out into glasses and add the ginger ale. Enjoy!



1 6-oz. can frozen orange juice                    2 C. cold water

2 C. granulated sugar                                    ginger ale

Combine the water and sugar in a saucepan; heat to boiling and boil for two minutes. Remove from heat and stir in the orange juice concentrate. Freeze. When ready to serve, spoon into glasses and add the ginger ale. Again, enjoy!



2 quarts unsweetened apple juice                       2 C. orange juice

2 C. cranberry juice                                               1 16-oz. bottle ginger ale

Mix all ingredients well; serve chilled over ice. Garnish with orange or lemon slices, if desired. Enjoy!


For more time warping fun visit Let the Son Shine


Lest We Forget

Let us put the hot dogs down for a moment to remember why we celebrate this day called Memorial Day.

And may we never forget.



I happened upon this shop several weeks back while looking for art for Avery’s room. I fell in love with Visibility because of the bold use of colors found in the wide selection of items here. Using a combination of skilled hand painting and decoupage, Alli creates fun, vibrate, and heartwarming signs… among many other things.


Here’s a sign from her Opinionated Collection


From the Glass Garden Collection

Isn’t this adorable?

Alli creates these flowers with beads, and each one represents a person in a group or family. Makes a lovely gift idea and totally customizable! She’ll even paint names on the pot for you.


Let’s meet the creator behind Visibility, shall we?

My name is Alli and I am a stay-at-home mom to 2 great boys ages 4 & 6, and am happily married to a great, supportive man. About 10 years ago, I was in between jobs and truly unmotivated to find yet another desk job that would suck the life out of me… ha! Instead I found an old flower pot on our back porch next to some paint cans, and decided I had nothing better to do than slap some paint on the pot. After a lovely periwinkle basecoat, I decided to add some lime green stripes. I then began rummaging through my home for anything else I could glue on to the pot for added dimension or color. From there, I started attacking more unsuspecting household items… more pots, picture frames, etc. Eventually, I added small signs, and then long signs, and then even longer signs! I most recently started making pendants.

I sold at my first craft show in 2005 and began selling on etsy in 2007. I adore the creative process, love to work with bright colors and enjoy trying and developing new ideas. I love to make art that is inspirational, decorative and fun.


Let’s see some of these other lovelies.

Here is one of Alli’s Delicious Pendants.


Or how about a fab Funky Photo Frame?


Here’s one of my favorites. It’s from her Small Wall Collection.

And one of you lucky truffles could win this sign, or any other sign from Visibility’s Small Wall Collection!

Your pick!

Here’s how to enter…

Entry 1. Visit Visibility and come back and tell me what item you love the most.

Entry 2. Heart Visibility on Etsy. You’ll be there anyways!

Entry 3. Follow Alli on Twitter. I just did!

Entry 4. Give this giveaway a shout out on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry!

Giveaway will close next Friday (June 4th) at 8pm PST.


Love & Hugs to You!